The DIY Carbon Cycle and The Trouble with Methane

Methane (CH4) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are both Greenhouse Gases, but methane holds in 25 times as much heat as carbon dioxide, so clearly we have to address methane emissions if we can hope to curb climate change!  That means dealing with food waste, cattle production, and fracking–all of which release methane.  In landfills, rotting organic materials that are buried with no exposure to air are producing methane too.  In many places that methane is tapped and burned to provide energy for the needs of the landfill facility.  Of course carbon dioxide results from the burning, but that is preferable to allowing the methane to seep into the atmosphere.

Speak Easies has a hands-on Downloadable Do-It-Yourself Carbon Cycle with engaging pictures that students can assemble to understand the processes and problems involved and to consider solutions!  Available now on this website, but it can also be purchased at Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology on TeachersPayTeachers.

Hands-on kit to help students understand the carbon cycle and climate change

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