Shovel Ready–Preparing Students for Outdoor Work

If you take your students outside to plant in the school garden or restore habitat, you know that it can be very beneficial for kids. Even the problem kid might excel at this work! But you also know that, just as when you go to the lab, it takes some preparation to ensure a safe, successful experience. Speak Easies has designed some cartoon worksheets that can make this potentially boring topic fun. Besides the one pictured here, there is “Name That Tool” and “Don’t Forget Your Tick Check”. These are available now on our website,, and also on Teachers Pay Teachers at Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology, under the title “Shovel-Ready!”

What else can help make the outdoor work rewarding? Remind kids about wearing old clothes, in layers, getting a good night’s sleep the night before, and eating a hearty breakfast. Shoes can be an issue; they should be sturdy, with closed toes, and older shoes are preferable. Students should also bring drinking water and a snack if these are not provided. Also helpful to show them: “Before” and “After” pictures of habitat or the school garden.

Working in small groups can also help to make the job more fun!

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