Don’t Forget Your Tick Check!

Poster available in the “Shovel-Ready” lesson on this site or at Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology on Teachers Pay Teachers

Do you take your class outside to work in the school garden or restore habitat?  If you live in tick country, it pays to remind your students to check themselves for ticks at the end of the day.  Because ticks inject kininases, very effective anaesthetic substances, as they bite, a tick bite can go unnoticed for many hours–even when they’ve burrowed in to your skin!  They’re pretty easy to remove in the first few hours, and it takes 24 hours or more of the tick embedded in your skin for the pathogen that transmits lyme disease to be transmitted.  So do that tick check at day’s end.

Device for removing ticks easily. Keep it on your key chain.


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