Downloadable Kits

So what’s the plan here?

Speak Easies is switching to a very affordable downloadable format!  Those magnetic Board Kits and Desk Kits you’ve loved will sell out and not be reprinted.  But all of those great materials will, over time, be loaded onto our website so you can download them and print them in whatever way you like:  on magnetic sheets or print and laminate to use again and again.  Or you can print them to give a set to each student for study and review and finally to glue into the lab notebook with notes!

And here’s a big plus:  we’re adding extra materials to each kit, things like worksheets, mix and match activities, more background information, and pro tips.  But there’s even more!  We’re adding new kits, for example a Do It Yourself Carbon Cycle, Dive into the Kelp Forest (food web to assemble, information on upwelling, a simulated dive), Shovel-Ready (tool safety and workplace behaviors for kids involved in outdoor projects), and much more to come!  We welcome your suggestions!  Let us hear from you!

You can purchase five downloadable kits right now here on our website,, or go to our store, Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology, on Teachers Pay Teachers.


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