Jump Start Their Learning–Get ‘Em Moving!

In the midst of your well-planned and entertaining lecture, you look out across the room, and suddenly it hits you. The glazed expressions, the politely stifled yawns, the drooping eyelids. Sluggish, sleepy brains can’t take in even the most vibrant and cleverly delivered lectures! What now? Get them up! Get them moving! Get the blood flowing to their brains again! This is NOT wasted time. This is an essential aid to learning!

There is plenty of information floating around now telling us what science has found: movement helps the brain form those neural pathways. Exercise helps kids learn! Breaks every 20 minutes or so, to move around, to stretch, to promote circulation, all will help to wake them up and improve their concentration. Enlist students to lead stretching exercises. And incorporating movement into the learning itself will improve comprehension and retention. It gives you a break too, and there’s nothing wrong with that!

This week we’re focusing on protein synthesis. It’s a tricky business that confuses biology students. How can movement help? Have them move around pictures to enact the process (see our Protein Synthesis Board Kit and Desk Kit), and after they’ve done that, let them work in small groups to create a skit showing the process. They won’t be “lost in translation” anymore!

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