Quick and Easy Carbon Cycle Lesson

Are you looking for a quick and easy carbon cycle lesson, one that will tie in climate change and Greenhouse Effect? It would be a plus if it’s engaging too, right? Well, here’s one you can download and give your students to cut out and assemble. The pictures are interesting to look at, and enough clues are built in that you can even use this as a way to introduce the topic. It’s one of Speak Easies’ new Downloadable Kits, available here on our website  and also on our store, Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology at www.TeachersPayTeachers right now! It’s called the DIY Carbon Cycle. It’s highly effective as a learning tool, because it relies on the kinesthetic mode– it’s hands-on. As kids assemble the cycle, they draw on prior knowledge, educated guesses, and the included backstories for the pictures to put it together.

Excerpt from Key to the Pictures in the    DIY Carbon Cycle Downloadable Kit

So what is included in the kit? Two pages of engaging pictures to cut out, a two-page key to the pictures, giving the backstory for each, two pages of pro tips for you with suggestions for using the kit to teach the topic, a page of questions to discuss, and an answer key, including a picture of the assembled carbon cycle. These are the topics the pictures address: photosynthesis and cellular respiration, combustion and burning of fossil fuels, decomposition, fossil fuel formation and extraction, carbon sequestration, soil as a reservoir for carbon, role of native grasses in sequestration, greenhouse gases–both carbon dioxide and methane emissions and their impacts. And of course, as students work with the pieces they will see the ways to reduce impacts and trap carbon away from the atmosphere.

Carbon Cycle Assembled from Pictures in the Kit

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