Dive into the Kelp Forest–Food Web Fun!

Kelp Frond

Are you tired of lessons on food webs and energy flow that focus on generic forest systems, some desert somewhere, or a tropical rain forest? Speak Easies’ Kelp Forest Downloadable Kit is a great way for your students to simulate a dive off of California’s coast and become familiar with some fun facts about the fascinating creatures that live in the kelp!

Did you know the California sheephead fish  changes from female to male at about age seven?  Are you aware that the purple-ringed topshell, a tiny snail 1 1/2 inches tall, is a fierce predator that rears up and lunges at its prey?

Purple-ringed Topshell

Your students will discover these facts and more as they assemble a food web from the kit’s hands-on pieces.  They’ll also learn about the upwelling that supports such rich diversity and the conditions that make a dive challenging in this area.  And using the language of uncertainty, they’ll speculate about the functions of the different parts of the kelp frond.

This is a great lesson for a sub day or when you need a break while your students are engaged.   Available here on our website and in our store, Speak Easies Active Learning Tools for Biology, on TeachersPayTeachers right now!

California Sheephead

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