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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to cut out my new Board Kits and Desk Kits?
Yes. When we first made Speak Easies Kits we decided not to have them die-cut in order to reduce production costs. That saving is passed on to you. The kits can easily be cut out with regular scissors in about 20 minutes per kit on average. This is a good task for a student assistant!

What if one of the pieces gets damaged or lost?
Email us to have a free replacement sent to you!

I have the older version of one of the kits and notice that in newer versions some pieces have changed or additional pieces have been included. Can I get pieces to update my kit?
Please email us! Usually the new pieces can be sent to you.

Macromolecules, Protein Synthesis, Cell Membrane and Cells Kits are available in both the large Board Kit version and in small Desk Kit versions. In some cases, there are also small kits of lessons that can be downloaded. Why have all of this?
Ideally, you can present the concepts to your students using the Board Kit version, then have them work in twos or threes with the Desk Kits, assembling the pieces and enacting the processes as directed by the worksheets (included). The Desk Kits also are magnetic, so your students can use them at your large classroom markerboard. But the Desk Kit pieces are quite sturdy and can be assembled directly on top of the desk or work table, and they won’t blow away when the air conditioner or heater turns on!
The downloadable lessons are available at minimal cost, and can be copied for each student to cut out, store in an envelope, and use for review before big tests. Then students can paste them in their science notebooks.

I placed a large order and was contacted by Speak Easies about the mailing charge, which was different from the charge stated by PayPal.  Please explain.
PayPal has a limited number of mailing zones and categories for use in setting up the mailing charge schedule.  Large orders and international orders need to have mailing charges calculated and quoted separately, both for fairness to you and fairness to Speak Easies.  For large orders and for international orders, please email us or call 707-539-9236 for a prompt quote.

How can my order be paid for?
If you order on line, we have PayPal, which accepts all major credit cards. You can also call us and arrange a charge card purchase by phone.   And we are glad to accept purchase orders.

What is the turn-around time?
We are usually able to ship within three days of receiving your order, and you can choose priority mail or parcel post.

I’ve run out of ideas for new and engaging ways to use my Board Kits. Is help available?
Email us! We love to brainstorm new activities and ways to use Speak Easies products.

Do you have a favorite kit?
The new Downloadable Kits for the Kelp Forest Food Web and the DIY Carbon Cycle seem really intriguing to me. They are visually very engaging and quite effective as learning tools. I also like the Levels of Organization Kit, which reveals underlying patterns and helps students see how the myriad facts you teach them actually fit together into a cohesive whole! We used to have students assemble this kit on the board on the first day of class, then we used it to give them an overview of the class for the year. But also take a look at the Digestive and Respiratory Kit, which goes far beyond just the organ systems to include pathogens that infect those organs.

I thought of an especially clever way to use my kit in a lesson. How can I share my idea?
Please email us! We’d love to pass your idea along! And here’s one to get started with.

Lori Simerly, AP biology teacher in Santa Rosa, California, likes to use the Macromolecules Kit, the Enzymes Kit, and the Digestive/Respiratory System Kit side-by-side on the markerboard for a blockbuster lesson on digestion!

For more information or to order call 707-539-9236 or email us.