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Macromolecules Kit


“Speak Easies is setting a new standard by creating high-quality educational products.”

”I’ve found that no combination of reading, PowerPoints, graphics, worksheets, or video clips truly promotes understanding among my students until I can find a way to engage them in the process.”

“Speak Easies has found a way to take the abstract processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration and make them more concrete by actively engaging both the students and teacher in the processes.”

–Brand, Lance. “Classroom Materials Reviews—Speak Easies Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Board Kits.” The American Biology Teacher Jan. 2013: 68-69.

“Speak Easies are a great and easy way to make complex concepts visual for students!”
–Krista M., Rosemont Middle School

“I have used Speak Easies for four years now, and they are terrific! The students present in groups, using them to tell the story of cell processes, and this becomes a great formative assessment tool for me.” –S. Story, Kings Fork High School

“I have used the Photosynthesis and Cell Respiration Kits with both my Biology Honors and AP Biology classes. The students really liked moving the pieces themselves to understand what is happening in each of the processes. They also make a great review tool before a test.” –Dana G., Thousand Oaks High School

“Speak Easies are GREAT! Students are better able to understand complex topics such as genetics when they are able to interact with these visual aids. Being able to move chromosomes around on the white board to show meiotic and mitotic segregation is enormously helpful. Being able to build a food web using the magnetic icons in the kit rather than just reading about them deepens my students’ understanding.” –David M., high school instructor, Santa Rosa, California

“We love using the Speak Easies. They make complex processes more visual for our students. Plus, when the kids manipulate these items themselves, they remember!” –Pete B., high school instructor, Greensburg, Indiana

“I particularly like the genetics magnets. They are a great visual when teaching about Punnett Squares. Students can see a direct correlation between the genotype and the phenotype. Seventh graders struggle with heterozygous dominant showing the dominant phenotype and the magnets make this clear for them. I have used them for demonstrations, quizzes, and guided practice.” –Joan F., middle school instructor, Santa Rosa, California

The following comments were overheard during some very busy moments at the CAST 2010 conference in Houston!

“I love these!”

“My students love it when I get out the magnetic kits!”

“Perfect—just what we need!”

“These are very, very cool!”

“These are the very best way to review for the TAKS (Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) test!”

“Our classes do way better on the end-of-year exams since we started using these kits.”