Do You Teach Science to Your
Upper Elementary Students?

Our hands-on kits are perfect for them – colorful, engaging, easy to use and assemble!

Let your students construct our Cells Kit to “get” cell structure, organelle function, and the differences between plant and animal cells. elementary-callout1

elementary-cells-food-webSpeak Easies kits showing body systems are powerful tools to help kids see the connections and patterns in their own bodies. And you can easily simplify as needed for lessons on the Human Heart, the Human Skeleton, and the Digestive and Respiratory System. elementary-skeleton-digestive

To understand interactions in ecosystems, let your students construct a food web of forest animals and plants, using our Food Web/Energy Pyramid Kit. Once the food web is built, students can superimpose the levels of the energy pyramid and then try to guess what happened to the missing energy.


And for the really big picture, the Levels of Organization Kit shows how it all fits together: molecules, cells, organs, organisms and ecosystems.