Do You Teach Life Science to
Middle School Students?

Speak Easies’ kits will hook their attention, while handling and assembling the pieces will help them understand and remember.

The Cells Kit will enhance their perceptions of plant and animal cells. Students will be able to discuss the difference between eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic bacteria and how both differ from viruses.

middle-geneticsThe Genetics Kit pictures green and yellow peas, both round and wrinkled, to use with Punnett squares. Red, white and pink flowers show incomplete dominance, and the chromosome pairs can help illustrate mitosis.

middle-digestiveOur body systems kits, Human Heart, Human Skeleton, and Digestive and Respiratory System, help students see connections and understand processes and patterns.

middle-kelp-forestThe Food Web/Energy Pyramid Kit helps students see interactions and understand energy flow through ecosystems as they construct the food web and superimpose the trophic levels of the energy pyramid. And the Kelp Forest Food Web Downloadable Lesson lets students study the kelp and animals of the Kelp Forest,  an extremely important and productive ecosystem.

As students learn so many aspects of life science, our Levels of Organization Kit will help them see the underlying organization that ties it all together. Putting the levels in order and matching the illustrations to them will make it all stick–from sub-atomic particles to the biosphere.