Great Lessons For
High School Students

They’re getting older, but they still need that hands-on experience that Speak Easies kits provide!

All the Speak Easies Kits work well with high school students. Some serve as quick introduction to new units, and some give in-depth understanding of the most complex topics in high school biology.

high-macrosThe Macromolecules Kit, the Protein Synthesis Kit, and the Enzymes Kit: these kits help students understand and remember the basic structures involved in biochemistry. Taken together, they foster understanding of the structure, synthesis, and importance of proteins.

The Cell Membrane Kit shows the structure of membranes–vital in understanding much of biology, for example immunology and the complex processes of photosynthesis and cellular respiration.high-cell-membrane

The Photosynthesis Kit and Cellular Respiration Kit make these highly complicated processes understandable and easier to remember. As students move the electrons through the steps and add the necessary structures, their understanding and retention will grow.high-photosynthesis