Speak Easies Board Kits are large format kits, cool science activities, designed with lecturing in mind but also rich in ways to actively engage students. Each board kit comes with background information for a quick review, suggestions for use, and, in some cases, a worksheet or quiz. The Photosynthesis Kit and the Cellular Respiration kits also include an optional script for lecture. These are powerful models of structures;  NGSS calls for the use of models to help students learn and see connections.

Board kit Sample

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Photosynthesis Kit

Speak Easies Desk Kits are smaller kits, designed for students to work with in pairs at their desks. Each desk kit comes in a heavy plastic storage envelope and includes worksheets and answer keys. (Exception: for the Kelp Forest Food Web kit no worksheet is included; assembling the food web is the work!)

desk kit Sample

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Speak Easies Downloadable Lessons are also smaller kits, designed for students to work with individually.

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Kelp Forest Desk Kit

What Are Speak Easies?

  • NGSS standards-based magnetic kits that show biological structures and processes
  • Downloadable kits featuring hands-on activities on intriguing topics, great for science notebooks
  • Versatile teaching aids to build while lecturing
  • Engaging hands-on learning tools for students, grades 5 through 12 and beyond
  • Powerful scaffolding for diverse learners

Who benefits?

  • Teachers of life science who want effective lecture aids that are versatile and easy to use
  • New teachers who welcome kits that help organize presentations
  • Students who need tactile and kinesthetic learning aids
  • Home-schoolers confronted with abstract and novel ideas in life science

Who created Speak Easies active-learning aids?

  • Teachers! (Biology teachers with years of experience and a desire for powerful teaching tools to engage their students)

How do Speak Easies compare to computer-aided lessons?

  • The Speak Easies system is both more intimate than drag and drop on the computer (imagine holding a piece in your hands!) and more of a class experience, as students watch each other assemble structures and enact processes, calling out suggestions and corrections.

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