Speak Easies Downloadable Lessons

Three handy methods to prepare:
#1 Simply print on regular paper in color or black and white, and give each student a set to keep.
#2 Or, print on regular paper and laminate to use with multiple classes.
#3 Or, print onto magnetic sheets for ink jet printers, available at business supply stores. For multiple classes, long term.

Now, give each student his/her own set of picture pieces to practice with, glue into science notebooks, and use for review. All at minimum expense with Speak Easies Downloadable Lessons! Simply download the file and print out for your students.

  • Two or more pages of colorful picture pieces
  • Reading and worksheet(s)
  • Pro tips, background info, and answer keys for you
  • Also with most kits:  Tips for turning a cutting session into a review
Photosynthesis In Action Downloadable Lesson


Photosynthesis is a difficult topic for students, and it’s hard to teach, too! You can catch your breath while students go hands-on to assemble this kit and enact the process with the colorful pieces. Their engagement and retention will go up and so will their pleasure in learning! Plus the reading/lecture packet provides a quick brush-up for you and an optional lecture script to guide your students through using the kit and acting out the steps, OR use it for independent reading with your more advanced students.
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$5.99 digital download

Shovel Ready


Outdoor work is great for the environment and great for your class, but the kids need a little preparation to make it go smoothly and safely. Here are some fun worksheets to help address the potentially boring stuff kids need to know, but in a fun way. Letting them come up with guidelines suggested by the worksheet is one way to get their buy-in! And the tools sheet and tick check reminder help too.
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$1.99 digital download

Kelp Forest Downloadable Lesson


Take a trip to the kelp forest and assemble a food web of the fascinating organisms there! Includes 4 pieces of giant kelp plus 19 additional organisms to cut out, feeding information and fun facts, student reading and worksheet, pro tips and answer key.

It’s a “low floor, high ceiling” adventure in marine biology with a bit of oceanography added in! Interesting as a stand-alone lesson, but also good review for energy flow and for classification.

Also great if you’re looking for a sub day lesson! Plus it makes for a lighter day for you, the teacher. (And of course it supports NGSS and Common Core.)
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$5.99 digital download


Fourteen colorful and fun pictures, with labels, for students to cut out and assemble into a model of the carbon cycle. Includes background information, worksheet, pro tips and answer keys. Can be used as an introduction or for practice or a quick review, and for assessment.

This “low-floor, high-ceiling” activity will stimulate discussion and help students see actions they can take to address climate change. And of course this kit supports NGSS and Common Core.
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$5.99 digital download


Students cut and assemble pieces to make a plant cell, an animal cell, and a bacterial cell. Includes colorful organelles and structures, informative key to the pieces, worksheets, pro tips and answer key.

Students begin with a stripped-down cell and add organelles and other structures as they read about each one. Engaging worksheets guide them through the process. The kinesthetic aspect of this kit helps students retain the information! Supports NGSS and Common Core.
$5.99 digital download


To build an organism you definitely need building materials! In this introductory activity, students will assemble colorful monomer cutouts to build macromolecules. Constructing macromolecules with the pieces in this kit will help students understand and remember the basic plan of each molecule type!

An important plus: students can assemble an ATP molecule and break it apart to free the energy (lightning bolt)! Pieces can be used repeatedly for practice and review. Includes two pages of colorful monomers to cut and assemble, a student reading page, worksheet, pro tips, and answer key. Moving and assembling the pieces helps students remember this unfamiliar information!
$5.99 digital download

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