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Simulate a Dive into the Kelp Forest: Food Web Lesson

A simulated dive engages your students in exploring the California kelp forest!

A food web lesson for a generic ecosystem will give your students the basics, but it’s hard to beat exploring a specific ecosystem, one that’s alien for most students. This downloadable lesson from Speak Easies, the Kelp Forest, will give them pictures of nineteen kelp forest organisms plus four pieces of kelp. Using the key with feeding information and fun facts about the organisms, students can assemble a complex food web and learn about energy flow, plus a little oceanography. Upwelling is discussed briefly in the student reading sheet and in more depth in the teacher background. The dive simulation in the student reading instantly gets their attention.

This is an engaging lesson for a sub day, but it’s also a good one when you need a little break! What’s needed? Just the print-outs, scissors, glue sticks, plus notebooks or larger pieces of paper for pasting in their final food webs.